2.24.2021 - Black Moose Transitions to True Manufacturing LLC

Dear friends and loyal customers, 

Raising a family in California is expensive. 5 years ago I started what would come to be called Black Moose as a way to make extra money so that we could afford for my wife to quit her job and raise our children. 

My original goal and vision was small but with the help of our customers, this thing grew larger than I imagined. Before I knew it, things were getting complicated - legal, financial, and logistical considerations took over and we decided we could no longer operate in the shadows, so to speak. 

That's why last year, we officially incorporated. As I filled out the paperwork, I had to think about what our name would be. Did I really want "Black Moose" to be the legal business name? 

From that question True Manufacturing was born in September 2020. To us, True Manufacturing represents who we are and who we want to be for our customers: 

  • Create simple useful products that exceed our customers' expectations
  • Provide fast honest customer service 
  • Send only the highest quality stuff out into the world 
  • Make things that we understand and care about 

Over the next year you'll see us transition over to True Manufacturing but remember that it's the same people, same products, and same excellent service that you've come to know. 

Thanks again for all your support because we couldn't do it without you.